What does Esmë mean?
Esmë is the arabic word for “my name is”. A little hint to our friends who followed the development of our recipes, and a tribute to our friends from around the world who inspired our creations.  


How to enjoy our drinks?
Ideally, served chilled in a transparent, flattering glass... Esmë drinks should be allowed to mingle with the ice cubes, so that you can admire their color, bubbles and delicate foam. Any occasion is a good one: on a sunny terrace, by the fire, after a hard day's work, alone or with friends.

What's in a can?
No hidden vices! Our sparkling compositions contain between 10 and 15 kcal per 100 ml, with no added sugar. We use only natural and organic products. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: applause, curtsy.

What is the ecological footprint?
A healthy lifestyle starts with consuming the best nature has to offer, while preserving the environment. That’s why our creations are produced locally, bottled up in Switzerland, and are all—without exception—developed along the lines of an ecological and sustainable philosophy.

Practically, everything is done to reduce the ecological footprint across our production stages. We use ufly fruits grown on organic farms. All the waste from the extraction is turned into compost for local farmers. We develop our juices right by the orchards that provide the fruits. And our bottles are recyclable. 

What's the product shelf life?
Our products are pasteurized to ensure their preservation. They have a shelf life of 1 year, and can be stored at room temperature, ideally protected from light. We do not use preservatives or anti-oxidants, which means that the color of our products changes over time, and may fade with light. Taste, on the other hand, does not change. 
Our products are filtered, but some fruit and plant deposits may remain. These are natural.

How can I track my order?
We will send you an e-mail when your order has been dispatched. This e-mail contains the order tracking link through our logistics partner. If you have any questions about your order, please don't hesitate to contact us at orders@drinkesme.com !

Special requests?
An urgent order? An event? A special request? Do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to info@drinkesme.com, we are here for you! 

Problems with my order?
If you have any problems with your order, please email us at order@drinkesme.com, quoting your order number. We will do our best to help you!