As a soda lover, but aware of this bad habit, Yasmine dreamed of a refreshing alternative, that we want to drink during the day as well as in the evening. She needed taste, bubbles, lightness and few calories.

After much testing and research, Yasmine turned to the memories of her childhood. Andréas had introduced her to the subtle and light taste of steamed fruit juices. Andréas, a great friend of the family, a great cook and an adventurer of taste, introduced Yasmine to many cuisines of the world. With the help of Andréas for the technique, Yasmine has developed her mastery. 

When they met Nicolas, a sommelier, they shared the same observation and the desire to take up a new challenge. Enthused by this project, Nicolas worked on the associations between the fruits and the subtlety of the plants.
Not one production escaped his approval!

Demanding palates, sharp noses, this team is here to serve your demanding taste buds!


What has really been invented better than the steam engine?

Esme is also a unique know-how. In order to offer you a light texture and rich in taste, we have turned to a traditional technique. Steam extraction allows us to preserve the authentic flavors of the fruits, while limiting their sugar content, to give a natural taste to our drinks. 

But in concrete terms, how do you turn the tables and use it? 

Once the seasonal fruits are harvested and juicy, we start a production. They are then put into a steam bath. Then we go to the cold infusion in large vats with the purest water in the world. This process allows us to preserve the taste of the fruit without adding anything.

An idea that makes a splash ???

Because we love it when it fizzes, we add bubbles to our drinks, before bottling them for you to taste and enjoy.

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